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BYD CARE Single Use Disposable 3-Ply Mask, ASTM Level 3, Daily protection for men and women for Home, Office, School, Restaurants, Gyms, Outdoor and Indoor, Box of 50 PCs


  • 50Pcs Of Masks Are Contained In The Box, And Each 10 Pcs Are Individually Wrapped For Convenience, Travel And Distribution.
  • Easy To Breathe And Comfortable To Wear For Day-To-Day Activities
  • One-Size-Fit-The-Most Design With Adjustability To Different Users
  • 3 Layers Of High-Quality Non-Woven Fabric: Breathable Materials To Provide Comfort

BYD CARE Single-use Level II Ear Loop Mask, Non-sterile, Appropriate for medical or personal use (50)


  • One-size-fit-all design with elastic ear loops
  • Soft, easy-to-wear, and comfortable experience
  • 10 pcs per bag; 5 bags per box
  • Easy for distribution; Perfect for indoor and outdoor application
  • Consist of three layers of high quality nonwoven material

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BYD CARE Single Disposable 3-Ply Mask


  • 3-Ply Construction: The mask consists of three layers of high-quality nonwoven materials, gentle to skin: the outer and inner layers are made of polypropylene spun-bond nonwoven fabric and the middle layer is made of polypropylene melt-blown nonwoven fabric. The three-layer design provides both comforts and wearability for indoor and outdoor activities while remaining lightweight and breathable experiences
  • Comfortable Ear-loops: Our masks are equipped with elastic ear loops built with a polyester, nylon, and spandex blend to relieve pressure on ears and allow for extended use
  • Sturdy Nose Clip: Our adjustable nose clip consists of a metal wire covered in plastic designed to help the mask tightly form to the nose-bridge creating the most comfortable fit and a tight seal while also helping to reduce eyeglass fog
  • Easy to use, convenient to distribute, safe to store: One-size-fit-the-most design with adjustability to different users to provide full coverage of nose, mouth and chin; 50pcs of masks are contained in the box, and each 10 pcs are individually wrapped and sealed for convenience, travel and distribution
  • Using Scenarios: Suitable for environment such as household, office, factories, warehouse, school, universities, campus, library, shopping mall, groceries, restaurants, café, gym, spa, saloon, convention center, stadiums, for both indoor and outdoor activities such as family gathering, in-person tutoring, parties, day-to-day work, office hour, workout, sports events, concert, tradeshow, campaign, social events, etc.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry, clean place away from fire and contamination; Store between -20℃ and 38℃(-4°F and 100°F) with relative humidity below 80%; If the mask becomes damaged, soiled, or breathing becomes difficult, leave the contaminated area and replace and refit with a new mask

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Toothette Oral Care Single Use Suction Swab System with Perox-A-Mint (50 Packages, 2 swabs/pkg)


  • 2 Suction Swabs with Sodium Bicarbonate
  • 2 .25 fl. oz./7ml Perox-A-Mint Solution
  • Connects directly to standard suction lines

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Toothette® Oral Care Single Use Suction Swab System with Perox-A-Mint Solution – 50 pack (Each pack 2 Swab)


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Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops, Preservative-Free, 0.01 Fl Oz Single-Use Containers, 30 Count (Pack of 1)


  • Original strength, preservative-free formula
  • Relieves mild symptoms of eye dryness
  • Instantly moisturizes and lubricates
  • Designed to act like your own natural tears
  • Great for sensitive eyes
  • On-the-go single use vials
  • Can be used after LASIK or other eye surgeries. Follow your eye doctor’s instructions if you are using REFRESH RELIEVA PF after an eye surgery (e.g., LASIK) to relieve dryness and discomfort.
  • The brand in preservative-free artificial tears; REFRESH Family of Products, Ipsos Healthcare, 2021 REFRESH ECP Recommendation Survey.

Toothette® Oral Care Single Use Suction Swab System with Perox-A-Mint Solution – Each (1 System/Package)


  • ORAL CLEANSING SYSTEM – Our single use swab system with Perox-A-Mint helps clean the mouth to promote oral health and help reduce the risk of pneumonia.
  • DISPOSABLE KIT INCLUDES – 2 Suction Swabs with sodium bicarbonate and (1) pouch of Perox-A-Mint Solution
  • CLEANSING SOLUTION – Perox-A-Mint Oral rinse solution packaged in an easy-to-use burst pouch to saturate the oral swabs directly in the packaging before use.
  • SUCTION SWAB – Our one-piece suction swab connects to common suction equipment and makes it easy to provide oral care for someone who cannot expectorate (spit). Swabs are treated with Sodium Bicarbonate for added cleaning power.
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA – Toothette oral swabs are manufactured in the United States by Sage Products LLC, a business unit of Stryker. Item # 6512.

Refresh Classic Lubricant Eye Drops, Preservative-Free,0.01 Fl Oz Single-Use Containers, 50 Count (Pack of 1), Packaging May Vary


  • Relieves mild symptoms of eye dryness
  • Instantly moisturizes and lubricates
  • Designed to act like your own natural tears
  • Preservative-free formula
  • Great for sensitive eyes
  • Value size: 50 on-the go, single-use vials
  • The brand in preservative-free artificial tears; REFRESH Family of Products, Ipsos Healthcare, 2021 REFRESH ECP Recommendation Survey.

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Refresh Celluvisc Lubricant Eye Gel Drops, Single-Use Containers, 30 Count (Pack of 1)


  • Original strength gel formula
  • Relieves dry, burning, irritated eyes
  • Alleviates discomfort
  • Keeps eyes feeling better longer
  • Doctor recommended with over 30 years of experience; REFRESH Family of Products, Ipsos Healthcare, 2021 REFRESH ECP Recommendation Survey.

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